I know some people who took a low paying summer job with bad hours because it's in the field that they want to pursue. You know – photocopying.

Most summer jobs are excellent networking opportunities. And I don't mean for your career – I mean for your social life. At any big company, there are usually a dozen other kids your age, most of whom have reasonably attractive friends that you haven't alienated yet.

I think "internship" is French for "we ain't payin you squat." Why French? Because to describe most internships, you'd have to pardon mine.

Having a summer job is not as tough as a few months working in the real world. Unless it's in finance. Then it's as tough as a few years working in the real world. I know a few people with jobs in finance this summer. Actually, I KNEW a few people with jobs in finance. I'll know then again in September.

No matter how tempting, do NOT start sleeping with someone at work. If things go wrong with someone in one of your classes, you can sit on the other side of the room and ignore them by pretending to take notes. But at work, your boss decides who you're working with and where. And you can't tell them the truth. "I'm sorry sir, you can't put me on that project. Why? I banged her. Thanks for understanding."

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