I have an intricate system of studying. First, I prepare flashcards from my notes. Then, I test myself on the material. If I have enough time, I'll read the timelines and all the highlighted stuff in the book, and take notes on what I don't know. Then, I copy off the kid next to me.

Teachers assigning their own books for an exam is one of the more obnoxious things there is. "There's been some brilliant commentary written on this subject that I think you should all read. Mine!"

Studying with other people always helps me. So I've started to think that maybe I'm dumber than everyone else.

Has anyone ever offered to split the reading with you before a final? Yeah, that's a great idea – between the two of you, you'll get an A! Good thing the professor lets you take the exam in pairs.

You don't know real exhaustion until you come to finals. I don't mind the studying – but after you check your e-mail 40 times in one day, you get pretty wiped out.

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