Want a fun experiment? Walk into a room full of college girls and play 80s music – especially Madonna, Guns 'N' Roses, or Bon Jovi – and they will all instinctively jump up and down for a few seconds, then sing into their hand like it's a microphone while they lean about 30 degrees toward each other in a circle.

There are four types of people in a cappella groups. First, there's the performers – they can sing, dance whatever. Then there are the hams – the people who think they're winning a Tony every time they say "Ba ba bada." Third, there are the beatless. The unfortunate people with great voices that can't even clap on the offbeat, and end up flailing their arms wildly in an attempt to dance. And finally, there are the people who get rejected from the a cappella group they first try out for, and start their own.

Why do people who get rejected from one a cappella group start their own? If you get cut from the basketball team, do you start another?

I can understand why bands form. But I can't understand why cover bands form. Sure, Billy Joel has millions of fans, but you can play Piano Man better. Especially on guitar.

"Music" has now replaced "sex" as the most searched for term on the internet. Is that what we're coming to? Is an mp3 of Dave Matthews Band a better commodity than the Pam Anderson video? Then again, less people have already heard a Dave Matthews song…

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