God bless the teachers who let you keep the midterm. Actually, God bless the teachers who let your friend who already took the class keep the midterm.

When I want to go out with one my friends and he says he can't because he has a midterm the next day, I can respect that. But refusing on a Saturday night to stay in and study? Come on, stay out til four, wake up at 1:00, hang over til 3:00 – that gives you a solid nine hours of studying by the time you hit midnight.

I once had a professor so dumb that we convinced her to drop the lowest grade on the midterms. It took her a week before she realized that that we only get one midterm.

Midterms make hookups really easy, because the only two things open after midnight on weekdays are bars and campus libraries. All you have to do is decide whether you want someone to forget you the next day because they were too drunk or too because they were too stressed, and you'll know where to go.

I once had five midterms in two days, and when I told someone about it, they told me that they had six. Not only did I know they were only taking five classes, but apparently, math wasn't one of them.

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