What's the point of a midterm in a class where the final is cumulative? That way, you get to study the material all night, and forget all of it the next day – twice!

I hate when professors have three different exams, and call them all midterms. Don't they understand what the "mid" refers to?

No one sees midterms as quite as important as they are. You hardly study for it, since the final is worth a whopping 40% of your grade, and the midterm is only worth a paltry 35%.

Hey freshmen – remember midterms last semester, and how you thought they were the toughest thing you had ever faced in your entire life? Now do you see how easy they were?

Finals are scheduled separately. Universities coordinate a huge schedule based on complex algorithms of which students most often take which classes together, schedule the tests accordingly, and even write-in a provision where if you have too many finals in one day, you can postpone some. Midterms are scheduled consectuively on the same day, with a space of ten minutes between them.

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