One of my favorite things to do is remember back to the times you first met people, and think about how you treated them differently than you do now. It's especially fun when you flirted with that bitch down the hall, you told your TA that you never do the reading, or you tried to get on your best friend's sister.

The best place to meet people is not at a bookstore, not at the library, and it's certainly not at a party. It's in class, the first day of the semester. Almost any opening line works, but you usually can't fail with "Do you know anything about this professor?"

I usually forget people's names a second after I'm introduced to them. I think its because I'm concentrating so hard on remembering my own name that I don't even hear theirs.

There are some people in college who are your constant acquaintances. They're in your lit class, you have a mutual friend, or maybe they were on your hall freshman year. But every once in a while, they'll be your closest friend – when they see you in a bar talking to someone they think is hot.

When you forget someone's name, the typical thing you do is to joke about how you must have been drunk when you met them. This works in college. This does NOT work in real life. "Oh, we met at that staff meeting last week? I'm sorry about that. I must have been totally wasted."

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