The transition between being at school and being at home is tough. Your laundry is done for you, all your meals are home cooked, and you never have homework. But trying to use Napster without a high speed connection is just too tough to handle.

Do you know the one guy who checks his email only once a week, because he says he doesn't want to be a slave to technology? And what's more important, do you have his cell phone number?

The AOL people have come up with a series of faces that denote emotions for when you're IMing with someone -happy, surprised, upset, tired, etc. But I find them pretty limiting. So often I need to use a face for "no one wants to talk to you, stop IMing me" and it's just not there. Maybe they could add an icon of my middle finger.

A friend of mine keeps signing off IM lately because her mom usually uses the home computer to run the family business. This is the same woman that can't figure out how to change the channel on the cable box instead of on the TV, and hasn't learned to reset the microwave clock because daylight savings time is only six months anyway.

On Instant Messenger, "lol" means "laugh out loud" and "rofl" means "rolling on the floor laughing," but people constantly use them in the wrong place. Why? "No, I'm laughing, I swear. In fact, I am actually rolling on my floor, but miraculously I can still type." If you want to stop people from doing this, use "lol" when you talk to them in person. Nothing kills a joke faster than turning to whoever told it and emphatically saying, "That's hysterical! Lol!"

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