In college, we ate lunch. At work, we take lunch. Because the idea of taking time has become much more important than the idea of lunch.

Looking forward to lunch makes the morning go by much quicker. But most of the time, you eat something quick and greasy like pizza or a burger. Which makes the afternoon go by VERY slowly.

Your job is stressful when you have to take some time out of lunch to IM your friends. Your job is not stressful when you have to take some time out of IMing your friends to eat lunch.

You don't have enough money to go out for lunch unless you work in finance. Which is perfect, since they all eat lunch at their desks.

My company cafeteria is VERY segmented. The editors sit in one place, the writers in another, and the interns in another. Each magazine sits seperately, and no one from editorial ever sits with anybody from production. We might have diplomas, we might have saved our tassles, and we might even have the yearbook – but no one ever really leaves high school.