8:00 AM looks dramatically different from this angle. It's not spinning anymore.

The biggest thing that changes when you start work is your concept of midnight. I used to see midnight and go to the bars. Now I see midnight and go to sleep. I don't know if that's really funny, but it sure does suck.

Senior year, you feel very old. Which is nice preparation for being the only one in your company without kids.

The only way to be happy with your first paycheck is to assume they're going to take out 35% of your entire salary in takes. That way, when they only take 32% or 33%, you'll be thrilled.

Interns just create work for other interns. My job is basically as a researcher and reporter, so I have to call people and ask them questions. And when they don't know the answer, they have their interns call someone else, who asks their intern, and so on, and so on. And then somehow, it all ends up back at the White House.

Suppliment – Working for a Time, Inc. Company

I wasn't going to write about my job specifically because I like to stick to universal stuff. But then I realized that AOL/Time Warner owns my company. Which means half of us already work together, and the other half are customers.

The good thing about working for an AOL/Time Warner company is that they can't really get mad at you for using IM seven hours a day. "Dude, relax. I was just making sure the product works."

During our orientation, they told us all about the AOL/Time Warner subsidiaries, and how vast the company really is. And they showed us this video with all these boy bands, Brittany Spears, and a bunch of kids using AOL before flashing "America Online touches thirty-five billion people each month." And you thought the Catholic Church was bad.

There's always weird stuff going on in the Time Life Building. Thursday, there was a boy band in the morning and a stand-up comic in the afternoon. Like they couldn't see this one coming…

I love the Time cafeteria. It's got a great selection, the lines move incredibly quickly, and everything costs about $5. And the best part is, I'm not already paying them $30,000 a year.