Why don't girls who want play just go up to a guy and invite him back to their room? Because that would be unladylike. Yeah, and wearing that tube top and leather pants outfit is perfectly dignified.

Are you in a class with that one really unique guy who tries to find all the vintage clothes he can because it makes him stand out from the rest of the crowd? I'm in a class with 38 of them.

Free clothes from school events are cool for now, but after you graduate, they get a little useless. I'm going to be 25 and have two dozen t-shirts that say "Columbia Community Outreach" and "CU Safer Sex Week". Won't those be a hit around the office.

Do you have fashion celebrities on your campus? We have two – the white guy with the three-foot afro, and the dude who always wears pinstripe suits and looks like he's from the 40s. Everyone on campus knows who they are – but oddly enough, whenever I see them, they're walking around alone. Wait – a white guy with an afro and a dude who thinks he's in Dick Tracy walking around alone? Okay, maybe it's not so odd.

I always prefer comfort over style. I wear a coat to bars when it's cold, I take my sweater off in class when it's warm, and I don't think that either one hurts my chances to attract girls. If my teeth were chattering or my pits were stained – now THAT would hurt my chances.

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