Why do some people leave school the morning after their last final? The whole point of finals week is to work your ass off so that you can party when you're done. If you leave before you get a chance to party, that means you studied just for the sake of doing well. And what the hell good is that?

Every semester, I keep a reverse tally of hours left until I'm done on my dry-erase board. I'd keep a tally of how many hours I study for each final, but I'm still trying to learn how to draw half a line.

Taking the full time for a final on an open book test, I can understand. But I was in an class once where the whole damn thing was multiple choice, and people actually sat there for three hours trying to learn the answers to the ones they didn't know by staring at the page long enough. Hey McFly – you can only remember stuff you actually knew in the first place.

Why do some schools that give their finals after break? A month after a class ends, I can't even tell you the name of my professor, let alone the year some European guy signed a treaty.

When you get to your last final of the semester, you are so burnt out that you don't even care. You studied half as much as you did for the other ones, you probably don't remember to bring a pen, and when you finish, you don't check your answers over because you just want to hand it in and get the hell out of there. And you know why you can do that? Because you know that everyone else is doing the exact same thing.

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