Using an "international student" fake ID to get into a bar is the second biggest scam there is. The biggest is the guy who pocketed $60 selling you an ID that'll never work.

Getting a family member's old license is cool if you look anything like them. But if you're a 6'4 blonde, do not try to use your 5'6" brunette brother's ID. Betty White and Barry White have the same last name too but you don't see them passing for each other.

Fake IDs are not made to fool bouncers – they're made to be good enough for the bouncers to decide to allow you in. These guys know that anything with evidence of a dot matrix printer, nail polish, or a holographic key is a fake. They also know that they have no job unless you buy drinks.

Never argue with a bouncer about your fake ID. You were caught. You're done. It's over. Go home. Do you think acting indignant will possibly get you in? That's like your credit card company calling because your bill is three months late and you saying "Dude, the check is really, really in the mail."

Paying $20 for a bad fake ID is like buying half a pair of pants. You really need the whole thing to be let in anywhere.

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