You know, last week, I didn't hate Florida. But that was before I found out it must be the most ass-backwards state in the union. They even shaped the state as what it is doing to the country – totally dicking us over. Missouri took 140 extra years to abolish slavery and elected a dead guy as a senator, but it's Florida that's holding up the country.

We can register for classes, bid on Ferraris, and make long-distance calls on the web, but the only way to vote seems to be in a giant punch block-based booth with a huge red lever. When it was my turn, I wasn't sure if I needed a number two pencil or a pair of ruby slippers.

Is CNN the worst news organization in the world? First they reported that Gore won Florida, then that Florida was too close to call, then that Bush won, and then that the results were being recounted. What the hell would we do if classes were taught this way? Actually, I have a few professors that do teach that way. Nevermind.

I guess I'm not all that surprised that Florida found 3,000 uncounted votes when they did the recount. My school program has 1,100 people and we had to vote twice for student council last year. What chance does our country have?

One thing that people have overlooked in all this mess is that marijuana was semi-legalized in a few counties. In a totally unrelated story, Ralph Nader did very well in those counties.

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