I can understand the athletes at schools like Duke and Ohio State thinking they're all that. Hell, half of them get drafted into the pros. But the second saddest thing in the entire world is a D3 football player on a losing team who has a big ego anyway. The saddest thing is the girl that will hook up with him based on it.

Going to high school in New York, I never saw more than a handful of people go to any of my school's sporting events. Then I went to Columbia. I guess some things never change, huh?

Following college sports is pointless to me. All your favorite players are all gone within four years. Then again, that happens in professional sports too.

I was afraid I'd get my ass kicked for this column. But I doubt those who would have kicked my ass can read it in the first place.

If the kicker is considered the bitch of a pro team, and college teams are below pro teams, and my school's football team is widely known as one of the worst college teams in the country, what does that make our kicker? And what does that make our second string kicker? It'd be like working at a prison. In Siberia. As the janitor. On weekends.

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