In some classes, I sit towards the left, in some the right, and in some, the middle. But in each class, I have one and only one seat. In one class, I tried to switch things up a little and move up a row. Man, that was a weird day.

When you go out drinking during the week, people get in a war over how early their first class is. "I have a class at ten tomorrow!" "Oh yeah? I have a lab at nine!" "Oh yeah? I have class eight-thirty, and we have a final!" Not me – my earliest class of the week is at 2:00 PM and I'm proud. I'll try to wake you up for your final before I get to bed.

What is the point of auditing a class? You sit through the lecture and take notes, but you don't have to pay for it. Which would make sense if professors charged at the door.

I was once in a huge lecture class, and the whole semester, people I never saw before were coming up to me and asking me if I was in Econ with them. Sure, I was in their class, but it's hard to remember people that you meet while you're sleeping.

I've seen a lot of professors try to scare kids away on the first day of class by talking about all the work they'll be assigning. I wonder how those classes turned out.

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