Choosing a college that you visit is so arbitrary. My freshman year, I saw one tour come through the day we had our spring concert. And those poor kids are thinking that Sonic Youth and Busta Rhymes play here every weekend.

Half of prospective students want to go to the first school they visit. Everyone wants to go to the first school they drink at.

When my college counselor gave me the "how to get into a good school" seminar, I didn't trust a word she said. I fully intended to go to a good school and get a good job. All she knew how to do was go to a good school and become a college counselor.

They should hire recent college graduates as college counselors. How else do you know what college is like now? When my counselor went to school, you went to Yale to play football, Columbia was men only, and the New York City public college system was one of the most academically challenging in the country.

Do you remember how tough it was to pick a college? And aren't like 90% of us happy with our choice? You know why? Because no matter what school we go away to, in no matter what state, with no matter what kind of people, as long as we don't live at home, everything seems to work out for the best.

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