I was upset at my bookstore for paying me so little for my used books. I'd hardly call anything still shrink-wrapped in cellophane "used."

I had an economics professor who assigns $200 worth of books to 400 students twice a year. If she really knew anything about economics, she'd have opened her own bookstore.

Some professors assign one main book and list the rest as "suggested reading." Except there is no such thing as "suggested reading." What your teacher means by that is "this is the crap that will be on the test that you'll forget to study. Remember not to read it when you get the chance."

How cool would it be if there were a book just of important terms, people, and places for each subject? And you know you'd still read only the last page of each chapter.

You can't use Cliffs Notes for contemporary novels. But I'm kind of curious if I'm the only one who still doesn't read the book and tries to read the Amazon.com user feedback instead.

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