Some people get very obsessive about how they drink beer. They must have the exact right brand of beer, served cold but not too cold, preferably in bottles but pitchers are also acceptable, provided that it's served with glasses instead of cups and the glasses are chilled. See, I have the same order every time too: "whatever's on special."

Would Mexico's economy be in less trouble if they could get away with charging $5 for a Corona?

Have you ever had a friend get mad at you for drinking the wrong kind of beer? "Man, what the hell are you doing? That stuff sucks!" Yeah, but this stuff was $8.50 for a case of 24. When you start going to the Four Seasons instead of McDonalds, we'll talk.

If warm Budweiser tastes like piss, does cold piss taste like Budweiser? Because man, I could use the money.

When you first come to college, beer paraphernalia is very cool, and so you collect all of it that you can. But by graduation, it sort of wears off, and you're left with three happy hour banners, a bag full of coasters, eight pint glasses that you stole from a bar, four promotional pins that used to blink, and three dozen empty beer bottles. But don't throw it away. Give it to a freshman who, for the next four years, will think beer paraphernalia is very cool.

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