No matter what bar you go to on your 21st birthday, you will not be carded. Unless you forget your ID. Then you'll be carded everywhere you go. Twice.

21 is such an arbitrary age to be allowed to drink. Especially when you consider that you can be tried as an adult much earlier. Though that law probably cuts down on the "your honor, I was, like, totally smashed" defense.

I feel bad for the people that turn 21 in January. Sure, they don't have to worry about getting into bars anymore. And if there's one fun way to go to a bar, it's by yourself.

A friend of mine who had already turned 21 was pissed at me once because I got carded. Because it's my fault that I was born so late in the year. Sorry, my parents should have had sex a few months earlier. I guess they're just late for everything.

The month before you turn 21 is the most awkward month of your life. You don't want to lie and say you're 21, but you know if you say you're 20, you'll feel cheated. I constantly found myself telling people I was in my early 20s, because technically I was. Yeah, and Rhode Island is also technically a state, but you don't find it bragging much.

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