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I went to Karaoke and told my friend I wanted to sing Amish Paradise. He misheard me and submitted Gangsta's Paradise. I sang Amish Paradise anyway, with no help from the monitor.

I recently got a rib cage tattoo that takes up my entire side. It's a Harry Potter quote, translated into Latin. I tell everyone it's a Kurt Vonnegut quote from Slaughterhouse Five so they'll think I'm deep instead of nerdy. Also, I chose to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter instead of Europe for my graduation present.
-Anonymous Girl

I was hitting on this hot guy at a bar. Instead of giving him my number, I gave him my XBox Live gamertag.

I planned my college class schedule so I wouldn't have class on Wednesday mornings or afternoons. That's new comic book day.

I book time off work so I can attend regional Yu-Gi-Oh! tournaments. I book more time off when I qualify for nationals.

My parents forced me to join the cross country team because I sit around all day and play videogames. I'm not very athletic, so I can't run very far without having to walk. The coach and my parents are confident that I can run the whole course, so they made a bet with me. If I can run the whole time during my next cross country meet, I get an iPhone 4. If I walk at all, they won't pre-order Portal 2 for me. I have one day until the meet and, so help me GLaDOS, I WILL RUN THOSE THREE F***ING MILES, AND I SHALL PUKE ON MY COACHES SHOES WHEN I'M DONE.