Made from concentrate

I bet Dreamworks co-founder David Geffen hated Pig Latin.
-Conor McKeon (@AConorMcKeon)
Today I joined the Illiterate Acronym Lovers Association or as we like to call it: The KBH
-Alex Ringgaard (@AlexRinggaard)
You shouldn't throw stones in a glass house. Pooping probably isn't a great idea either.
-Caldwell Tanner (@caldy)
It's a shame someone has to die for a park bench to get made.
-Andrew Caudill
Adivinadme esto
Does the Spanish Riddler's tie have an upside down question mark?
-Charlie Raymond
A group of dyslexic Canadian mounties were framed for a crime they didn't commit…
They are…The Team, Eh?
-Andrew Bridgman (@AndyBridgman)
#1 vacation spot for Italian-American hobbits
The Jersey Shire
-Zach Hod (@ZachHod)
This guy told me there might not be bananas in 10 years because of a fungus. I was like, "Wow, I wish I was talking to a girl."
-Adam Newman (@Adam_Newman)