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So me and this guy had been hooking up/having sex for about six months behind his girlfriend's back (i know, i know, i was 17 and "in love"). One morning after a night of seriously awesome sex, he comes into the Juice it Up where I worked at the time and gets a free smoothie like he usually does. I make it for him and we flirt a bit and talk about how great the night before was…I was super happy, convinced he was finally going to break up with his girlfriend…until he asked me if I could make her a free smoothie too…


So me and my girlfriend were at Barnes and Noble a few days ago and saw this biography in the bargain section. My girlfriend looked at the cover and asked me if it was the main character guy from Hot Rod… it was a book about Bob Dylan


When we just started dating, my fiancé sent me a sexy topless photo of herself on AIM. Great huh? The problem is she sent it to me during my Intro to Business final which consisted of power point presentation shown directly from my computer.  So in the middle of my business plan for an indoor water park, her boobs came on screen. I got rid of it quick but my professor docked me 5 points for "distractions.”


The first time I got drunk with my girlfriend, we were in high school and were both virgins. She had often said that she wanted to wait until marriage to have sex. We ended up going to a movie, and she was so drunk that I had to explain to her why she couldn’t mount me and take her shirt off in the middle of a movie theater. Hardest. Decision. Ever.


I've been in a relationship for about 10 months with this guy I met at my job. Things seem to be going well, though he never changed his relationship status on Facebook. Well, I just saw his sister's new Facebook status: "Any girl who thinks her guy isn't cheating when he won't change his relationship status is an absolute idiot." Guess we're gonna have to have a "talk"…


I had just recently started dating the girl who was a year older than me my freshman year of college. I know it seems weird and in some cases not possible, but she had a higher sex drive than I did. During finals week, I’m in my room writing a paper when she texts me for a “study break.”  I, being the responsible student I am, said that I couldn’t. She texts back and says that if I come to her room right then she would give me the best BJ I have ever had. Almost instantly I was hard as a diamond and went to her room. When I got there, she had her books laid out and asked if I would help her with her statistics homework.

-Robert G.

My boyfriend won’t talk to me because I, “totally fucked up his sandwich…"

-Catty R