Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

If you've got an example of your Parents Just Don't Understanding, submit it here!

And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

While studying abroad last summer in Ireland I helped my house mom set up her new internet connection because she "heard about this cool new thing where you can send mail through the computer."
Tim Texton from villanova

My grandfather attempted to send me a check the other day through the mail, so he went to his address book to get my current address. He sent it to my email address and phone number…when it got returned to him he still wondered why it got kicked back.
Jason S from University of Arizona

I was telling my dad about a long research paper I had recently written, and he had asked if it was double spaced. I replied yes, and he asked if it was a pain to double space a paper. He thinks you have to press the Enter key at the end of every line to double space.
Dee Speir from BGSU

My dad leaned over to me during a family dinner and asked me how much I pay for my facebook subscription yearly, and if we can get a deal if he signs up for it when I renew.
Aleksander Shikhman from Wayne State University

My grandma sent me a gift card to Steak 'n Shake and a note informing that the gift card only has $5.29 left on it. She sent it because "there isn't enough on here for your grandfather and I to go again." Thanks, Grandma!
D Money

When I tell my dad to click on something on the computer he always, without fail, asks "Right, left, or both clicks?"
Spencer H. from Stetson

My mother calls her mobile her "cellulite" phone.
Crystal B

Someone asked my dad for an email address, so he handed the phone to me after explaining to them that he was going to have his daughter tell them since it was kind of complicated with funny characters. The email address was only 4 characters long and the funny symbol was @.
Megan Z

While working at a computer repair store an elderly customer came in asking for help on copying a CD. I agreed and then proceeded to facepalm as he lifted the scanner lid, placed a CD in it and hit copy…..

I set up my mom's new ipod to sync with itunes. At the same time there was a song playing in the itunes player. Somehow the track was on repeat. She then panicked when the same song started playing again, and she unplugged the ipod thinking it would re-record it.
anonymous CA

EVERY time my mom uses my computer I end up with 5-6 empty "untitled folders" on my desktop. She says she does not know where they come from.
Bobby C

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