Athletes thrill us with their exploits on the field of play. But that's not all they do.
You may be surprised to know that many athletes also like to engage in coitus with other people. It's true.
Here are the most confusing, messed up and downright insane of those romantic pairings.

- – - – -

1. Marko Jaric and Adrianna Lima

Who is she?:Victoria's Secret Angel, supermodel, and arguably the hottest woman on Earth.

Who is he?: Career NBA journeyman, possible caveman, and the luckiest man on Earth (no argument necessary.)

Whyis this a WTF couple:See photo.

How they (probably) met:He arranged for one of his Serbian mob connections to kidnap her and proceeded to spend 24 hours a day with her for the next 7 months. The Stockholm Syndrome that resulted from the incident has yet to wear off.

Why they'll (probably) break up:see photo.