Ever have a sh*tty job that you wanted to complain about in a weekly submission-based column named after Blink-182 lyrics? Send your submissions here.

I had a customer call in one day upset about some charges on her cell phone bill. As I was explaining the simple addition and subtraction to her, she interrupts me and shouts "I DON'T UNDERSTAND ALL THESE CHINESE MATHEMATICS YOU BE TALKIN' ABOUT."

I spent a summer when I was 16 cleaning toilets at a college football stadium in my home town. It wasn't that bad because I usually was able to prepare myself for what I would be doing early in the day. Later that year I got a job a retail store expecting a much cleaner work environment. My first day, I get a call to the front of the store to clean up after someone who had pooped in the middle of the jewelry section.

I work at a small sports store.  One day a slightly over dressed lady came in and started asking some questions.  I noticed as I was talking to her that she had a pair of HD wraparounds on her head.  After informing her that we didn't carry the products she was looking for, she proceeded to take a second pair of HD wraparounds out of her purse and put them on, wearing a pair of them on her face and her head.  I started laughing before she got out the door.

I am working my way through nursing school as a nursing assistant at a local hospital.  One night, I was on the psychiatric unit keeping an eye on a manic, schizophrenic patient when I heard commotion coming from his bathroom.  I ended up playing tug of war with a man about three times my size because he decided to rip his shower curtain down and flush it in the toilet, over flowing it instantly.  He then dumped his trash out and began filling up the trash can with toilet water and slinging it everywhere.  Suddenly, he stripped down naked and decided he wanted to go "swimming" in the toilet.  It was 2 hours into my 12 hour shift and I was already tired, cold and covered in toilet water.  

I'm a graduate student/TA at a local university, helping a professor teach a metals class. Recently, we started an assignment where the student has to make a ring. Measurements have to be very precise, so we use the metric system. No less than five students in the class came up to me, asking me how we could make the rings so large, pointing at a ruler for reference. I had to explain to them the difference between centimeters and millimeters.

You don't know about work sucking until your in a foreign country, in 115+ weather, been up for 36 hours, have 40 lbs of gear strapped on you, missing your friends and family, and looking out at miles of endless sand and realizing that you make a little less than minimum wage if you break your pay down. I will say that blowing stuff up and shooting really big guns does seem to balance it out a little though.
-Justin, Army Intel