Hey CollegeHumor community. Good news! We were nominated for 6, count it, SIX Webby Awards. What's a Webby you ask? What? Speak louder I can't hear you. You know what, just post it in the comments if you have any questions/concerns.

Be sure to vote for us so we can continue bringing you your favorite content 24/7/365. Wait, we don't post on weekends do we? 24/5/ and then 365 minus all those weekend days which I don't really feel like doing the math. I'll be honest, long division gives me a headache and I don't really remember basic math anymore. So shut up and GO VOTE!

Best Humor Website: CollegeHumor

Best Online Film/Video Comedy: Individual Short or Episode (Web Site Story)

Best Online Film/Video Writing (Web Site Story)

Best Online Film/Video Comedy: Long Form or Series (Jake & Amir)

Best Online Film/Video Individual Performance (Amir Blumenfeld)

The VERY Best Online Film/Video Animation (Pixar Intro Parody)