They shoot with their entire arms over the table, they leave 3 inch-wide spaces between the cups when they rack, half their shots are "celebrity shots- from other people, and you won't say a thing, because they are mind-blowingly hot.

Their Strategy: Cause you to miss by leaning over during your shot to reveal roughly 75% of their cleavage, and hope their friends can make enough celeb shots to win.

Your Strategy: Try to not get distracted. The best way to do this is to get a girlfriend and have her stand next to you.

These two feel the only reason they were put on this Earth is to live by and enforce the rules, and you are not gonna ruin their good time. Sure, everyone knows about the elbow rule, but do you know about the standing on one leg with your left eye closed while spinning a basketball on your right index finger rule? Well you do now, because your ignorance might cost you the game.

Their Strategy: Win their first game so they can completely ignore the house rules and ride obscurity to victory.

Your Strategy: If you don't know anyone who lives at the house, and if the rules aren't in full view of the two teams, you just gotta suck it up, play well, and take solace in the fact that unlike them, you're at this party to have fun.

These 2 former high school athletes have an abundance of competitive energy, and its all geared to beer pong. They have matching uniforms, and they don't sign the list with their individual names like the rest of you homos, but instead with their team name. They're treating this game like the State semis against Central, which means this is literally the biggest game of their lives.

Their strategy: Get you so amped up and pissed that you're thrown off your game… in other words, make their douchebagginess rub off on you.

Your strategy: Constantly remind yourselves that it's only a game, and even if you lose, you can slash their tires after.

They met two weeks ago and haven't taken their hands off each other since. A made shot, a missed shot, a lost ball, and a re-rack are just some of the occurences during the game that they'll take as an excuse to suck face. They were having sex outside 5 minutes before this game started, and they're going to have sex outside 5 minutes after it's over.

Their strategy: None. Win or lose they're still gonna bang in semi-public.

Your strategy: Keep it simple, don't try anything fancy like back-to-back bouncing, and you should be all set. Also make sure you wash the balls after their shots.

They met 5 minutes ago when he asked her if she wanted to be his beer pong partner. Because she's hammered, she immediately said yes, which is also the reaction he's hoping for later when he proposes she come to his place to watch Grandma's Boy. He'll claim to be "way too drunk-, and conspicuously pour all his beer into her cup. She will not mind.

Their Strategy: His strategy is to lose so she gets even more wasted, her strategy is OH MY GAWD MORE ALCOHOL YES!

Your strategy: While you may feel bad for contributing to some possibly very regrettable decisions for these two complete strangers, keep your head in the game, because that's her friends' problem, and chances are she's gonna puke all over his front seat and pass out before anything happens anyway.

Most commonly found at graduation parties, Team Holy Shit Someone's Grandma's Playing is the holy grail of beerpong/beirut teams. Your job is to be as respectful to her as possible because, holy shit, she's someone's grandmother.

Their Strategy: To guilt trip you into letting them break every rule imaginable until, before you know it, you've lost.

Your Strategy: Come on dude, don't be a dick, just let her dunk once.