Last Week on Heroes: Hiro wheelbarrowed another dude. Sylar became maybe the first character in pop culture history to use superpowers to instigate spousal abuse. Also he watched Danko go pee.

This Week: As the title would suggest, we spend the majority of the episode in the Kennedy era, as a Teenage Mutant Angela Petrelli and her previously unmentioned sister Alice arrive at Coyote Sands with their parents. It's an internment camp in the middle of the desert for people with special abilities, and the story that unfolds is a ostensibly a coming-of-age tale in which adolescents bond in the midst of unlawful incarceration at the hands of the American government.

The camp is overseen by Mohinder's late father, Chandra Suresh, who seems like a nice enough guy. But according to all the very literal skeletons the Shovelin' Petrellis have unearthed in present day, his actions will soon lead to the violent death of nearly everyone in the camp.

This revelation is great news for Mope-hinder, who had almost run out of things to feel guilty about.

Back in 1961, where less annoying things are happening, we witness Angela's first introduction to what would eventually become the first generation of Heroes, including Bob…

…Linderman, who apparently doesn't get the hang of his accent until he's about 70…

…and Charles Deveaux.

Chandra Suresh, meanwhile, takes an interest in exploring Angela's ability, even though she plainly states about fourteen times that her Naps To The Future are often confusing and inaccurate.

Present day Angela finally reveals what transpired on the Night That Made Everyone Dead. Turns out she ditched her sis – who had just discovered she could control the weather – to hop the fence and grab some grub at a local diner with her newfound friends. Before they left, though, Angela told Alice not to worry, assuring her that she had dreamt a future in which everything turned out fine as long as she stayed the fuck put. But once Angela and the guys departed, Chandra came calling on a terrified Alice (seeking to verify what he'd heard about her abilty to "shoot awesome bolts of lightning and shit"), but got more than he bargained for when her dad stepped in, eliciting a violent, full-scale retaliation from the guards. Alice ran and hid as the carnage quickly escalated, and pretty soon there were horses and a man on fire and I killed a guy with a trident.

When Angela and the guys find out about the massacre, she is stricken with grief. They band together, forming The League of Making Sure No More Fucked-Up Misunderstandings Result in the Needless Slaughter of Superpeople, which they eventually rename The Company.

Back in the present, a sandstorm whips at the ruins of Coyote Sands, leading Angela to suspect that Alice is still alive. Peter and Nathan and Claire and Noah and Mohinder are like "Probably not though, as that would be quite implausible,"  but Alice is like "Actually…" and everyone's like "OH SHIT!"

Alice absconds with her sister to the bunker where, get this, she has spent the last half century waiting for Angela to come back and tell her it's OK to leave. Just… wow. I mean, It's one thing to convince your little brother he was abandoned by alien parents who didn't love him, or that there was an angry ghost in the creek behind our house who demanded that he give me all of his possessions, or that he was molested by our pediatrician… but if I EVER played a prank on my brother that lasted 50 years, I would… probably never stop laughing. Bravo, Angela.

Terrified of her powerful and extremely disheveled sibling, Angela feebly attempts to resurrect their old "Say goodnight, Alice," "Goodnight, Alice!" routine, but Alice isn't having it.

Angela tries to make amends, telling her sis that to this day, she still shoplifts socks for her, because that was a thing they used to do, I guess, and the Heroes writers are like "Yeah, bitches, you remember that scene in the very first episode when Angela stole some socks? Bet you thought we were never going to explain that shit, did you??" And I'm like, "You're right. I never, ever thought you would feel the need to explain that."

Anyway, Angela thinks everything's copacetic again, and it is, until she confesses that the dream that kept Alice at Coyote Sands all those years was a lie. Alice understandably flies into an uncontrollable rage, and disappears out the front door, surfing on a gust of wind or whatever.

Everyone is kind of shaken by what they've seen and heard, so they head to the diner for some theraputic french fries. Except for Mohinder, who opts to stay behind and sulk, to the objection of absolutely no one.

Next Week: Sylar impersonates Nathan. Heroes impersonates X-Men 2.