Eight gorgeous girls remain in CollegeHumor's quest to find America's Hottest College Girl. As we become closer to the final, the elation of victory, and the devastation of defeat must be starting to take a toll on the competitors. Only one of these girls will end up victorious and thus be taking home $5,000 and the prestigious title of America's Hottest College Girl. I'm here to evaluate the matchups and review my original predictions for the Final Four. "L.G.S."

North Region: In a shocking revelation, a member of the north region was disqualified and provided one lucky girl with an unopposed path to the elite eight. This surprising turn of events is a mystery to us all, but it sets up an incredible matchup for a spot in the Final Four. "Cutie Kathleen" may have advanced by a technicality; but she would have no doubt advanced using her smile which lights up the room. Throughout the competition this fan favorite has pulled at the heart strings of the CollegeHumor faithful, but will that be enough? She will face Keely, who defeated a strong competitor in Lisa with a convincing victory. In my first bracketology article I predicted Keely to come out of this region. As the competition has progressed, there have been many surprises; but one thing has been very consistent. Keely is magnificent. This will be a tough decision for us all, and the winner of this matchup may find herself $5,000 dollars richer.

Original Final Four Prediction: Keely

West Region: In the west, last week's matchups had very contrasting results. Alisa easily destroyed her competition and advanced by a wide 77% to 23% margin of victory. Alisa has been absolutely dominant in all of her matchups. On the other hand, Jennifer vs. Courtney was the epic matchup we all suspected. Jennifer put up a great fight but fell just short in her chance to reach the elite eight. Courtney will face Alisa in a matchup which will determine if the "curse" is real. Before the competition, I named Alisa as my sleeper pick in the west to challenge Courtney for her throne. In the beginning, I thought Courtney's legendary beauty would be her ticket to the Final Four. I now suspect that the "curse of the modeling pictures" might finally end Courtney's road to the title. It is very possible that Courtney might get stung and Alisa might end up as the queen bee of the region.

Original Final Four Prediction: Courtney

South Region: The South continues to be the region for surprises. Chelsea defeated the lovable Lucy in a nail-biter. There are probably a lot of upset Lucy Lovers out there; but Chelsea has earned herself a spot in the elite eight. Even though this was Chelsea's first tough matchup, she proved to be up to the challenge. She will be facing a very difficult opponent in her next matchup. Kristy from Penn State continued her streak of impressive victories with a win over Lydia. I am proud to say that Kristy has been a strong representative from the Big Ten. In fact, she has proved time and again that she is indeed a "10". In this elite eight matchup, America has another chance to choose between the blonde bombshell or the brunette beauty. They both have team pride but who will America prefer for the Final Four?

Original Final Four Prediction: Adrian
New Final Four Prediction: Kristy

East Region: The voting in the east region is still underway. At this point in time, Laurel is currently leading. Her match against Kristen is an extraordinary contest that could have been a final in any tournament. The Autumn vs. Laura matchup will finally end the run of Portfolio Autumn. Laura looks like she will triumph using her stunning beauty and her sexy, yet classy pictures. The elite eight matchup will feature two fabulous girls, and to borrow a line from Seinfeld; "they're real and they're spectacular." Although my original prediction was Laurel, I now find it difficult to believe that Laura will be out of the competition any time soon. It looks like all we can do is sit back and wait. Who will America choose as the Final Four Hottest College Girls in America?

Original Final Four Prediction: Laurel

This article is in no way representative of the views or opinions of CH staff. Please leave your opinions of the competition in the comments below. At the conclusion of the competition watch for a special wrap up edition.