Do your parents not understand technology? Do they ask you stupid questions? Do they send you absurd text messages? Do they use words like "MyFace,""SpaceBook,"or "The World Wide Web?"

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And thank God we'll never be as dumb as they are!

Every single time i call my mom's cell phone, she doesn't answer. But 1-3 minutes later I get a call back that always starts with, "Hey did you just call?" She has caller ID.
Kelly K, Owens

My mom got really used to using MapQuest over the years, so when she finally got a GPS in her car she asked if she could get a printer so she could print the directions.
Brittany Jean, UW-Milwaukee

I showed my grandma how to use her DVR so she could record her favoriteshows. I came back a few days later and I said, "Hey grandma, hows theDVR working?" She told me to be quiet because the DVR was recordingGrey's Anatomy and it would record any sounds that we make and when shegoes to watch it later, she won't be able to hear what the charactersare saying because I was talking.
K F, Oakland University

My mom has recently become a fan of texting, so I asked her to send me the number for my doctor's office. She responds back "Four seven three…"
Jenna Boehm, Gettysburg

Several weeks ago I went home to drop some stuff off at my parents' house. After some catching up, my mom pulled me aside and started asking me if my relationship was okay and if anything was wrong. Confused, I finally asked my mom what was going on. She paused and proceeded to tell me that my girlfriend's mom had poked her. She interpreted this as a provocation and had become extremely threatened by her doing this. Thanks Facebook.
Thom Gallemore, American University

My mom recently joined Facebook and tried to send me a message about not having any friends yet, but she left a note instead. Now she has a note on her page that says "JUSTIN! i have no firends!"
Justin Mak, Warner University

My mom just purchased a webcam the other day so we could video chat. She plugged it in and then called me while I'm driving and asked me if I can see her yet.
Jonathan Flores, Florida Atlantic

Every time my mother sends me an email, she types the email in Word and then attaches the document to a blank email.
Pat W

An older gentlemen at work told me he was thinking of buying something on eBay, and asked me how he should go about paying. I suggested that he use Paypal. He then said to me, "O.K., who should I get for a pal?" I started laughing at him and then he said, "So you won't be my paypal?"
Mandy G

My mom just sent me an email in response to a joke someone had forwarded to her. The first part was written in bold caps, 14 pt. font and said, "LITERALLY LAUGHING OUT LOUD RIGHT NOW!!!" The second part was in 8 pt. font and said, "Does this mean I'm now whispering?"
Steph Belsky, Ithaca College

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