Enough already. We get it. The economy is in the sh*tter. Everyone has lost their jobs, bailouts are more common than teen pregnancies, and every shop at the mall is empty, despite the 50% Off signs.

Suddenly, you realize how much toothpaste costs, and you're taking home leftovers from the Mexican place you frequent. There's a lot of talk about fancy financial terms and stock market gibberish that we all pretend to understand. If you bought, don't sell. And if you sold, don't buy. Just sit there and stare at a wall until things get better.

Or, you could always forget your troubles by realizing things could be worse: at least at your place, there are no vans on fire, bleeding children, or smoke monsters. Thanks, Lost, for always putting things into perspective!

Here's what went down this week, in a blood transfusion:

Jin brings the injured young Ben back to camp and Juliet tries to save him. Jack refuses to help, so Kate gives blood and then she and Sawyer take him to the Others to be saved. Roger knows he wasn't a good father.  Hurley learns about time travel. In the past (after the Oceanic 6 returned to the real world), we see that Kate became good buds with Sawyer's Baby Mama. Cassidy made Kate realize that she was heartbroken over Sawyer and didn't need to pretend that Aaron was her son. So Kate fessed up to Claire's mom.

Here's what we learn:

  1. One of the biggest things we learn is why Kate decided to go back to the island. She wants to rescue Claire!
  2. We learn what Sawyer whispered to Kate before jumping from the plane. He told her to take care of his daughter, Clementine.
  3. Cassidy thinks that Sawyer is a coward because he ditched his daughter and because he ditched Kate. We're inclined to think he's not. But then he tells Kate that maybe he really did run away from her. He also says he's changed. Yeah, right. Listen up, ladies: They NEVER change.
  4. There were a lot of heartbreaking moments in this episode. Sawyer admits to Kate that they would have never worked. He also tells her he's saving Ben because Juliet wanted him to. (Awwwww!) Jack admits to Kate that he also saved Ben (with the tumor removal) because she asked him to. (Awwwww!) But he won't do it again. Does this mean that both Sawyer and Jack have written off Kate? Nooooooo!!!! Can we have her? Also, is saving Ben a new way to show your true love? This could mean a whole new way to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  5. Lost was a first-time Peabody winner this evening. The judges declared that it has "rewritten the rules of television fiction." Duh.
  6. The trees on the island can talk, but they don't (for those of you who watched Kimmel).
  7. "You didn't like the old me, Kate." Man! I almost got teary-eyed on that one.
  8. Kate and Jack were engaged. Did we know this, guys? Did I block it out because I was jealous? (of both of them)?
  9. Kate digs Patsy Cline.
  10. There are at least two people now who know the Oceanic 6 were lying.
  11. Time travel. Let's break it down. The general rule is that you cannot alter events. But, if you are traveling through time, things happen to you in the order you experience them. However, the outcome will always be the same. This seemed pretty clear until Hugo challenged Miles with this question: Why didn't Ben remember Sayid when he met him as an adult?
  12. Gratuitous shower scene for ratings? Fuck, I'll take it.
  13. Once Alpert saves Ben, his innocence will be gone, and he will always be one of them. This reminds me of the movie Pet Cemetery again, guys. You can bring back your lost loved ones, but they will not be the same.
  14. Ben is coming back to the island to be judged. Here's a thought: what if the smoke monster gives him his innocence back? Sleep on that.