PHILADELPHIA, PA. In light of the current economic recession and the decreasing value of my financial portfolio, I decided that I was going to forget about how "broke-ass-broke" I was and I was going to have a little fun. And what is more fun than a roller coaster, you might ask? (think from the point-of-view of an 11-year old, not a horny college student). The answer: Nothing! (unless you are a promiscuous 11-year old)

About a month ago, in my attempts to find a super-fun-stock, I stumbled upon the quote for Six Flags at an amazingly affordable 24 cents a share. While initially I wanted to invest in Cedar Fair (Cedar Point and Dorney Park) the price of $6.40 a share put me just below the "you must be at least this rich to invest" sign.

So after a month of sitting on 350 shares of my amusement stock, I am up a whopping $10.50! And after you factor out the $9.99 commission that ShareBuilder took from me, I am up 51 cents!!

Although the climb upwards is fun and full of anticipation, I think that we all know that the best part of any roller coaster is the descent. That free-fall sensation really can't be beat! So I say let my stock climb, climb, climb, because the higher you go, the fun-er you fall!

That is unless you're on a Six Flags ride, then you will probably get stuck somewhere in the middle and have to wait 3 to 4 hours for the fire department to come get you down.