Most of the people in the world are feeling a pinch at the pump, a tisk in a tasket and, most importantly, a binge in the non-benevolent ways of banks.

In other words: hey, it's almost Easter and we've still got this economy thing hanging over our heads. Bummer city. We've been dealing with it since it saddened out the end of summer. You, reader of this note may say, "I just want to spend money already. What should I do?" The answer is here!

Spend money wisely, my friends and fellow Global Recessioners. Stock market got you down? Then why not buy up some internet real estate?!! Dot com addresses are just asking for it. They're dressed like a yes that won't ever say no and you've wanted since Freshman year.

In other words: might be worth the couple bucks. Throw a Google AdSense on there and who knows maybe it gets picked up by a twitter account in Norway and that gets seen by CNN and they air a piece on it saying its the new Google. The next Google? Who. Knows.

Why not buy .com addresses for older family members and make them crappy late 90's pages. They won't know the difference! is available! Have it up with a picture of him and the dancing hamster! is probably available and need I remind you, you can probably fake these gifts? The longer they are the more susceptible they are to never being visited. It's like writing a 3 page Dear John letter on tiny-lined paper.

More to the point, however, is that you're feeding the economy. You buy the sites. The hosting sites pay for ads for the dying market that is scheduled TV (or as I called Pre-TiVo). These TV stations stay happy and give us the programs we all love (on-demand, of course). We stay happy because even with the TV shows we've still got this recession thing hanging over our heads.

Now, excuse me while I go register

Significantly yours,