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My brother set up a tatoo studio and he also specializes in henna body art (a tempary tatoo that lasts up to 3 weeks and is virtually impossible to remove before that 2-3 weeks).A roommate of mine played a prank on me earlier that year and i never forgot it, so 2 nights the graduation I got this henna ink and wrote "BONER" across his forhead when he was asleep. The next morning he woke up to be VERY angry about this. His parents were comming the next day with all his extended fmily to see his graduation. Despite his BEST efforts to remove this, he was unsucessful and all his grad pic's from his family he still had it clear as day, in block capitals across his forhead. At least I didnt tattoo it for real on it.
Ron, School Not Given

I'm the one that broke your tail light so the cops would pull you over while you were high.
Matt, School Not Given

Freshman year I lived in a suite with three of my high school friends. We lived together in perfect harmony except for one time when I came back in the morning to find a used condom in my bed. Only one of us had stayed home that night so when I realized he wasnt there to yell at, I took his toothbrush and scrubbed out the sink drain (we never used drano once). When he got home and I confronted him about it, he just laughed and explained how he got all baked out and thought it would be funny to fill a condom with soap and tie it off as a joke. I just laughed and figured it'd be best never to tell him about his toothbrush. I didn't. And I can hear him brushing his teeth in the bathroom right now…
Chet, Michigan State University

I was watching TV with one of my roommates when we noticed my other roommates laptop on the table. On a whim we thought it would be funny to set his homepage to Meatspin. For those that don't know is a site devoted to a single looping video featuring a homosexual act and a spinning "meat"; all set to music! Anyway we laughed about it at the time but soon forgot about it. That is until we got an angry call the next morning from my roommate. Apparently he had been in a large class (near the front) and had proceeded to open his homepage. I guess he was distracted or something cause he didn't register the video at first until he got a "What the FUCK!" from the guy next to him, gasps from the people behind, and an "OH MY GOD." from the girl two seats up. He had the volume on high so it drew a lot of attention. As my roommate was telling me this i seriously didn't stop laughing for a good 5 minutes.
From Travis, School Not Given

Freshman year, one of my suitemates joined the ballroom team, and became obsessed with ballroom dancing, to the point that he would frequently watch videos from other school's competitions on his computer. One day, when he had left his door unlocked, another one of my suitemates and I decided to replace his ballroom videos with hardcore porn clips, changing the names so that the files looked the same. However, when he got back to his room, he forwarded the videos to his then girlfriend, not realizing that we had switched them. Even worse, his girlfriend did not watch the videos immediately, but instead decided to show the clips to her parents. While her mom, dad, and little sister were gathered together in front of her computer, she says "This is what I have been doing all semester, and you havnt come to watch!", before playing one of the worst clips we had found. Afterward, we got an furious email from the suitemate saying that he was never talking to us again, and if we came in his room again he would call the police. The only thing I regret is that I wasn't there to see the reactions on her family's faces.
Chris, Tufts University

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