Just answer the questions below to see if you can go a couple more days without washing your pants, or if you can stretch another year out of them!

What kind of pants are we talking about?
Shorts (0 points)
Jeans (1 point)
Khakis (2 points)
Slacks (3 points)

How long have you been wearing them?
Since today (0 points)
Since yesterday (1 point)
Since last week (2 points)
More than a week (3 points)

What color are they?
Black (0 points)
blue, brown, dark green or camo (1 point)
Tan (2 points)
White (3 points)

How active are you in your pants?
Not active. I put on athletic shorts for sports (0 points)
I'll wear them for ping-pong level activity (1 point)
I'll play non-organized outside sports in them (2 points)
I don't change for the gym (3 points)

How often do you shower?
More than once a day (0 points)
Once a day (1 point)
Once every other day (2 points)
Less than every other day (3 points)

Take off your pants and put your face inside them. Give them a nice big smell. How is it?
I don't smell anything (0 points)
Smells like bad (10000 points)