By: Professor Franklin Weis

First thing's first, I must give you
This bit of information
Gravity itself is a just force
It's not acceleration
But when we measure gravity
Acceleration's what we use
Please, class, please stay with me now
And do not be confused
Nine-point-eight-one- now write that down
Meters per second, of course
Is the acceleration due to gravity
And Newton is the source

Newton's First Law of Motion
By: E-Nigma

Physical body
At rest
Want to rest
Have to rest
Stay at rest
Ever move?
Never move
Make me move
Moving object
Friction free
Can't stop
Won't stop

Special Relativity
By: Sage Mathers

How I see things, and you see things
May never be the same
Perception skews reality
It's all about the frame

If my clock moves, and your clock stays
The times will be quite skewed
My clock is slow, your clock is fast
That's how the time is viewed

If you measure a moving thing
And find it ten feet long
Your eyes are tricked – that's not the length
You'll find that you are wrong

Einstein found that
E is equal to the MC squared
When will I need this – my major's Art
I really could not care