1. Bad Haircut= Oscar Gold

2. If someone has a canister of oxygen attached to a rod, don't let them touch your forehead with said rod.

3. Silenced shotguns are the coolest weapons ever.

4. There might be a country for old men, but Texas ain't it.

5. Woody Harrelson is a damned good bounty hunter…not so good at the whole staying alive part of it though.

6. Anyone who doesn't check a bag full of money for a tracking device deserves to (and will) be gunned down by everybody.

7. If a guy with a bowl-cut asks you to call a coin toss, call the damned toss.

8. Drawing out suspense, and then completely dispensing with logical conclusion points, while frustrating to the viewer, is apparently a sign of award-winning writing.

9. And finally, the most important thing I've learned is