Side-Armed One Finger Throw Guy

"Bro, go farther. Back. Back. Back. Yeah, I'm just killing time before rugby. Bro, here it comes. You gotta catch that shit, buddy. By the way, I need that O.A.R. ticket back."

Guy Who Throws the Frisbee like a Discus

"Watch this! Do you think I can be in the Olympics? Hey, Mark! Do you think I can be in the Olympics? I was throwing the pigskin around before but everyone got mad at me because I kept punting the ball. Those jerks got grass stains on my FBI: Female Body Inspector shirt."

Guy Nobody Knows Who Entered the Frisbee Circle

"I'm so bad at this. Oh, sorry, it goes round end up? Durr! Hey Pat, I bet you're as nervous as I am about that Econ test coming up! Yeah, I'm in that class. Remember that time you said we only had to wait 15 minutes for the professor if he was late and I was like, 'You know he's going to show up after like 14 minutes'. So do you guys wanna split a case of Mountain Dew Code Red?"

Acoustic Guitarist Trying to Return Someone Else'sFrisbee

"Oh great. We were just about to harmonize. Well, soooorry that I only threw it 5 feet. It's not like we're halfway through a Yeah Yeah Yeahs song."

Fat Guy Eating Pie Out Of an Upside-down Frisbee

"This was the only useful thing I could buy with my Sports Authority gift card."