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Seemingly Obvious Movie Spoilers
No Country For Old Men: The old men decide this is no country for them.
There Will Be Blood: There was blood.
: Renee Zellweger is ugly as sh*t.
Step-sisters Are the Best
Step-sisters are the best kind of sisters. You can say "That's my sister!!!" if they do something good, like cure cancer. But you can also say, "That's not my sister!!!" if they do something bad, like have sex with you.
If I could have dinner with three people I would pick Nanny from Muppet Babies, Wilson from Home Improvement, and Dr. Claw. I just want to confirm they aren't all the same person.
Common Goldeneye Multiplayer Awards for people with Alzheimer's
Where's the ammo?
Where's the armor?
CoinStar is the greatest invention ever, and anyone who disagrees has obviously never tried snorting coke with a quarter.
Spot the Child with ADHD
Class fundraising brainstorm…
1. Lemonade Stand
2. Car Wash
3. Bake Sale
Done and Done
I would KILL to live in a jail cell for 18 to 25 years.
Presidential Physical Fitness Tests By Administration
Bill Clinton: 20 stomach crunches, 5 pull-ups
John F. Kennedy: Blond hair, D cup minimum, legs for miles
Teddy Roosevelt: Wrestle moose to ground
Thomas Jefferson: No scabies, less than half of siblings lost to smallpox
Lincoln's review of Our American Cousin
This play is to die for!!