It all started a couple weeks ago during a happy-hour after work when Tina, my fellow lawyer, told me Michelle like-liked me. Since Michelle is really cool and sexy, I asked her out and she said yes.

We went to a nice pasta dinner. I wore a tuxedo and she wore a cocktail dress and high heels. Lasagna is my favorite food, so I had that, and she had pasta and then we had chocolate cake for dessert. After dinner we went back to my house, where I live by myself. I have a big screen TV and a pool table and a lot of video games. I also have a full sized basketball court. My house is really awesome. I put on some sexy music and lit a lot of candles to put her in the mood.

We started kissing with tongues. It felt really cool. We kissed for a long time, licking our tongues a lot. We stopped kissing for a minute so we could have some cocktails and watch Jay Leno. When the show was over she wanted to make out more, so we did. We went to second base.

I pushed her against the wall and kissed her really hard and then she took her shirt off. She was wearing a blue bra (blue's my favorite color) and she had really big boobs, probably Double-D's. I squeezed her boobs a few times and then she took off her bra. I licked her boobs and rubbed them and she moaned a lot. You can tell her boobs are real because her nipples are the same color as her lips.

I sat down and took off my pants. I was very excited. She was also excited. I could tell she wanted to go to third base, and I did too, even though I've been to third base like a million times. She took off my underwear and blew on my penis. She blew really hard and it felt good. It felt like tickling, but a good kind of tickling. I had the biggest boner in the world because she was so hot.

We went to my bedroom and laid down on my king size bed. She took off her pants and I saw her panties. They were pink with a lot of lace. Talk about sexy! I rubbed her butt and licked her neck. Her hair smelled like peaches!

We started having sex. It kind of hurt at first, but then it started to feel good. She was moaning a lot because I'm really good at the horizontal mambo. She started scratching my back with her fingernails. It hurt a little, but I didn't mind. She kept asking me to do it harder so I did it harder and she started yelling, like I was hurting her, but I wasn't hurting her.

When she started yelling really loud I peed inside her. It felt really good and we were both happy. We lay on the bed breathing really hard, like we'd just run a race. "That was amazing," she said. We both smoked a cigarette. She said I was really good at sex. I already knew I was good because I have a lot of sex. I will probably have sex with another girl tomorrow night, if I'm not too busy.