The conceit of Fergottica is that it's the "forgotten erotica" of famous authors. There's a whole lot of it, and whether it's legit or not is a matter of contention among literature scholars in every dingy coffee shop in Connecticut. Today I bring you the forgotten erotica of Emily Dickinson.

He placed his Hand upon my – Breast –
It heaved with my gasp
I knew not whither my Hands flew –
Nor why they flew so – fast –

I found his – Manhood! –
In my Grip
It swelled beneath my – Touch –
And tho his – Blood – seemed all therein
I thought I saw him – Blush

He tweaked my Nipple – playfully –
I tapped my lover's Nuts –
And as he Tore my dress in twain
He growled – 'You dirty Slut!'

My Heart beat quick –
With every thrust –
It quickened e'en – more –
On Stomach, Back, upon my Knees –
In Bed or on the Floor

He left the Moment that his Seed
Was spilt upon my – Chintz –
But I have found an Equal lover
N'er before nor Since –