Play a 50-turn game of Mario Party

It always seems like a great idea at the time—sitting with a bunch of friends, pulling out the old N64, and popping in Mario Party 2, clearly the best of the series. Yet after an hour, you often wonder why the hell you are wasting your time and why your stupid character keeps rolling such low numbers. I swear to God. I am never picking Yoshi again. Waking up Sunday, you realize that no homework got done, and you probably won't be doing any all day because of the enormous blisters on your fingers from the countless mini-games.

Watch that VH1 special on the 100 Greatest Songs of the 90s
After realizing that it's a Saturday and you won't be doing any homework anyways, you decide to flip on the TV. Lucky for you, VH1 is having another special. You start watching, and then realize that you have to watch all five hours of the show, even if you have seen it, and even if you know you can just see the list online. So you invite some friends over and watch. The next morning you realize that you spent ten bucks on snacks in order to bribe people to come watch with you. Again, you got no homework done. The worst part?
The nest day you have TLC's Waterfalls stuck in your head.

Do this one hardcore workout that your friend told you about
So this friend tells you that he is hitting the gym to go do the workout that those actors from the movie 300